Summer Solstice 2015

SHE Roars with Laughter

    “You are REVOLTING!”

    “Why aren’t you?”

The AMAZONS Take a Turn.

In the full light of Summer Solstice, womyn gather. The Amazons, Las Madres, The Raging Grannies, The Suffragists, Pussy Riot, The Grandmother Council, the Valkyries, CodePink, and a thousand small groups of committed change-makers: organize, protest, sing songs, stand firm, show up, ride out speak truth to power.

Once Amaterasu, Japanese Sun Goddess, fed up with this mad world, shut herself in a cave. All beings missed her. So Uzume, goddess of meriment, began a wild burlesque, stripping off clothes, shouting bawdy jokes. Amaterasu peeked out. Uzume held up a mirror. The Sun Goddess, bedazzled stepped out toward her own reflection, and all the world lit up.

Laughter is powerful to our sisterhood. Laughter undermines arrogance, poisons fear, suspends grief, relieves worry. When we laugh, our next in-breath contains more hope.

Let laughter call you from your cave. Join activists you admire.

Leap more, dance more–Smile more, laugh more

Gravity is a habit that is hard to break.

~Carolyn Myers, Mother Tongue Ink 2014

summer solstice

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