Stuff Matters: Don’t be Scared

I’ve been thinking about ‘it doesn’t matter’ and ‘it’s no big deal’. Maybe, ‘It doesn’t mean anything’ sounds familiar? Those sentences have always really, really hurt me but of course, I’d never admit this because ‘I don’t care’. It’s always shocked me that people feel the need to say it at all. Is a statement of your indifference really necessary? And what are you proving through it? If it doesn’t mean anything, then it isn’t worth mentioning; words generate meaning, so why give something that’s meaningless meaning with vocabulary? Unless of course, it does in fact matter, then, what’s the problem? Will we suddenly loose ourselves if we accidentally show some vulnerability? Or maybe we’re worried that the ground will collapse with an influx of responsibility and expectation…whoa.

Have you ever considered how freaking incredible it is that we’re able to give a shit at all? Really. I can’t even begin to wrap my mind around the many chemical, neurological, and other reactions that have to take place, both simultaneously and in the correct order, for us to experience emotions like love, empathy, or excitement (spoiler alert: all of these are just love!). I don’t think many of us can begin to grasp what it takes for us to create that. That’s what makes it a miracle! It’s beyond comprehension or measurement to the average person. For us to be able to move beyond the basic flight or fight response of nature is such a gift, yet we trap ourselves in fear.

I suppose it is a bit of a jungle out there…

There’s also the fear that (heaven forbid), we think it means something just to find out afterwards it was no big deal. Now THAT would be a big deal…to admit to the miracle of human emotion just to have to turn around and feel a completely different, possibly unpleasant one; now that would be a shame.

If ‘it doesn’t mean anything’, then why do it? Why are we allowing things, people, or events we don’t care about occupy the space of our lives? Shouldn’t we be mad for life? Shouldn’t we want to fill ourselves with what’s worthy? Many of us feel empty, maybe lonely or lost, and would rather be in anything, with anyone, just to avoid facing ourselves. But have we considered the possibility that so many of us feel so terrible, because we’re filling ourselves with ‘it’s no big deal’ instead of raising personal revolutions and generating space for our passions?!

What a waste…. 

So, let’s agree to at least loosen that grip on the overpacked luggage we’re dragging around. Release whatever that person did or didn’t do to you when you were a kid. Let’s take responsibility for our personal healing and nurture that pouty inner child. We’re grown ups now! Many of us have children whom we love and tend to so why not send some of that towards ourselves! We are worthy. You are worthy. I am worthy. Heal that disappointed person you’ve neglected since you first realized stuff’s hard sometimes so we must protect ourselves at all cost. As you foster a relationship with yourself, your Self will start to shine and you’ll be free of mediocracy. We are meant to be bright and luminous. We are meant to thrive. And we are meant to play and dance our way through life’s most mundane moments. Let’s do that instead. Let’s do what matters.