SuperMoon StoryTime

Today the watery emotions of Cancer are evaporated by Leo’s burning fire, bringing with it a more playful energy for the remaining days of summer. Boastful lion never fails to purr when granted his rightful compliments however, be wary of your pride in the coming weeks, do not allow yourself to become unnecessarily pouty. We can’t always be the centre of everyone’s affection but the charm and added generosity of the month makes it a little easier. The moon transits away from responsible Capricorn and into collaborative Aquarius just in time for today’s full moon. The final of three supermoons in a row, I wrote at length about super moons during June’s full moon. For the next two and a half days we will be reminded of the sacredness of working together and generating collective well-being. It’s an opportune time to make new connections and strengthen old ones. She makes it easier to be a team player and grow global consciousness. Take time to review your life philosophy and share its intimacy with the close ones of your life.

In honour of today’s full super moon and to mark the end of a cycle of three, I’d like to share with you a story written during last year’s ‘extra’ super moon in Scorpio.

“Before reaching the highest point of her trajectory and readying to claim her majesty, she whispered an invitation to them from outside. Unable to resist her gentle, yet seductive lure, they braved the frigid air to greet her. Lost in enchantment they basked in her ever-growing brightness, communing with their finest crystal in the sanctuary of their quiet outdoor cathedral. The songs and tones emanating from their giant caldron filled the massive space as it crawled across the still frozen body of water. Their visit was a brief yet satisfying introduction to what was still to come.

The evening to follow held the anticipation of her arrival. This night, they stayed out of doors so not to keep her waiting. As the early shimmers of her beauty began to reveal themselves, they struggled to raise their eyes and greet her in her fullness. Now, here at her strongest, she projected the opposing forces this time of year represents. Possessed by the subtle poison of a scorpion she cast her shadow over the land to blanket the sky with her light. As it glared down on them, they hypnotically followed as she drug them about through both darkest and brightest corners of the forest. As the psychedelics enhanced their already possessed state, they were transformed into the dark pixies of the night. Treading their way about, they convened with the woods, who raised their limbs beyond their usual height in competition for her attention, offering their devotion. The towering pine, declared his majesty as the grandest of the grove as he swayed with her in a hypnotic silence.

Centered amongst, they stood in their pixie state, gazing with their own limbs outstretched, offering prayer with the others while exhaling in the breath of the world. The communal conscious heartbeat percussioned as the sphere of the world sighed in her presence and the knowledge there would be no equal in even the years to come. Then, as quickly as she arose, she traversed the sky to find the snow-capped  mountains and make her way along and behind, leaving them bright-eyed and warm-hearted tucked within the sacred space of her wake. Slowly, the magic stilled and the shadows subsided. They returned to their hearth and human state having captured the energy of the night within their selves.”

From my heart to yours, Jenn

SuperMoon: Purging and Responsibility

Today’s full Moon shifts from fiery Sagittarius into Earthy Capricorn for the next two and a half days. The second of three super moon’s in a row, it’s said to be the most ‘super’ of five in 2013. Supermoons are defined as “…… a new or full moon which occurs with the moon at or near (within 90% of) its closest approach to Earth in a given orbit.” There tends to be 4-6 a year. This one however, is the closest moon to the earth in 2013.
Sagittarius had us shaking and moving about both inside and out bringing out our youthful, restless, more childlike selves. A great time to explore and use our bodies, we’re given an opportunity to address our situations with fresh honesty and philosophy. Through that honesty however, we have to be aware of loosing tact.
Shifting into Capricorn later in the day our fire turns to earth as we move our focus towards accomplishing our goals and putting in the required effort that we may reap the benefits of a job well done. It grants us an opportunity to accomplish short-term goals as we learn to manage our own personal world while leaving others to manage themselves.
Combined with a Sun in watery Cancer, we appreciate the security and comfort of family and home. Like all water signs (Scorpio, Pisces, Cancer), the next month gifts us with a steady flow of sensitivity and emotion. It’s important at this time not to take things too seriously as Capricorn, combined with Cancer brings out a more serious tone. Don’t forget to play and enjoy the season! Do however, take advantage of the opportunity to accomplish things you may have been putting off at home or in your relationships.


Full Moons are an excellent time for purging anything that may not be working for you. Clearing the clutter from your life both within yourself and in your surroundings make space for something else. It allows an opportunity to invite into your life what may serve you better while removing what you no longer need. Clear your cupboards, remove clutter, clean out your closets to allow the energy in your home to move freely.
I’ve included a purging meditation for you below. Have a pen and paper handy. Begin my getting into a comfortable position either seated or laying down.
“Close your eyes and take a two cleansing breaths through your nose. Invite any guardian angels, spirit helpers, animal spirit guides, or ancestors you may work with to join you at this time. Throughout this process, remember that they are here with you, protecting you and keeping you safe.
Imagine now a beam of light coming from the heavens through your crown chakra, down your spine, and coming out through the root chakra as it descends to the earth, bringing together Heaven and Earth.
Take another deep breath in and as you exhale, picture a ball of light in your heart chakra. It can be any colour or shape. It may appear to you simply as white light. Sit with it a moment and enjoy its warmth. With your next exhale, allow the light to expand from your heart to surround you completely. Take a moment to feel the warmth of its cocoon. Notice how good it feels in this place. With your next exhale, allow the light to expand even further, surrounding the space you are in and out into the world.

From the corner of your eye, something catches your attention. It is familiar, something inside yourself or in your life and you recognize it immediately as something that is not serving you. It may be a thought or emotion that holds you back. It may be a frustration or a damaged relationship.
If feelings of fear or discomfort arise, acknowledge them, then draw from the light you’ve surrounded yourself with. Draw from the love and wisdom of your guides and allow them to carry that weight for you.
Walk up to whatever it is that is not serving you and face it. Allow yourself to feel any emotion that may arise. Acknowledge it and tell it there is no longer a place for it in your life.
Visualize the string you feel between you and it. In your hands, grab hold of it where it joins on your side and untie the knot that binds it to you. Do not cut the string but untie it and release it that there are no lingering pieces attached to you.
Note how you feel. Is there an open space where it used to reside? Has a weight been lifted? How does that feel? What may fit where it used to be?
Allow yourself the time you need to return to your self. Thank your helpers for making the journey with you and for protecting you. When ready, slowly bring movement back into your body and open your eyes.”
Once complete, write down what you’ve chosen to purge from your life. A great ritual to include with this is to burn this paper immediately thus releasing it from your life. Remember, you have a wonderful piece of open real estate where it used to reside! Take a moment to reflect on what may be able to go there instead!
Happy full moon, don’t forget to take a peak and have a howl!
From my heart to yours, Jenn