Mercury Retrograde: Transportation and Miscommunication

According to Astrology, Mercury is the ruler of transportation and communication. Depending on where it was situated in the sky at the time of your birth, the way you deal with these things will vary. Follow me? If not, this is ok. For today, what matters are the three times a year when Mercury goes retrograde for a few weeks at a time. ‘Retrograde’ sounds rebellious and it is. At this time, a planet looks like it is rotating backwards through the sky and as a result, its corresponding energy, transportation and communication in this case, also moves askew.

When this slippery little minks slides into reverse, you can expect everyday, simple activities to take much longer. Suddenly your car may not start, emails are ‘lost’, flights are cancelled (even more than normal). You will likely feel as though you simply cannot get anywhere on time and your message is continuously misinterpreted.

Mercury God

I tend to struggle through most retrogrades and this particular one was no exception. In a random decision to go to a far off land to experience a strange new music festival with a group of friends, we experienced both collectively and as individuals, the frustrations of Mercury’s mischief. Here we go…

My dog sitter fell through in the first three hours.

Upon arrival at the hotel, I went to pay for my cab, only to realize my wallet was nowhere to be found. Nowhere. In fact, I could visualize its exact location. On the airplane seat.

The next morning, we tried to rent the car. Between one friend’s lost credit card, another friend’s maxed credit card, and mine somewhere in the air, we spent three hours at the car rental place still without a car. Of course the one with the credit card didn’t do internet banking so there was no way to get him money and on and on it went expending every drop of creative thinking skills the three of us could muster.

Mercury Sure Looks Good In Blue | Gizmodo Australia

We go to the airport to join the rest of our group. One is missing. Turns out, somehow, someway, her passport ended up back on the plane from San Diego to Las Angeles and she would have to stay the night waiting for it. We still don’t quite know how that happened.

We take several wrong turns, including through the same toll booth twice and having to pay each time.

I try to get assistance for my lost wallet and of course my airline is closed. Every other airline in the whole airport is open, but mine is only open from 4 am to 7 am. Handy.

Driving through the mountain roads, we get a flat tire. We don’t however notice until the boys, who are not the most industrious bunch to begin with, are six beer in. The car does not want to be jacked and when finally off the ground, the largest of the group gets in, thus knocking the whole thing off again.

We misplaced our friend before even leaving the city. There wasn’t room for him, then there was but we couldn’t get ahold of him, and when we finally get there, we find out he’d shown up the night before and in a confused state of frustration left back to the city giving up on us. It was at this point we realized we had a major communication problem/curse. Thankfully, we decided to straighten that out and after a few very heartfelt emails, he surprised us a couple days later with his beautiful arrival. We couldn’t have been happier…

Apparently it rains in the rain forest. A lot. And then there’s mud. So.Much.Mud. And there’s not getting away from it. While most surrendered to the elements and went barefoot and fancy free, I just couldn’t for the life of me and spent my evenings cursing the forgotten boots. Struggling along in flip flops, I inevitable slipped and slide, and got stuck thus breaking said flip flops. The new pair I’d just bought since the others had mysteriously gone missing pre-departure. Then they broke and I gave up. Went home for the night, pouting over wet feet.

With the rain goes the internet. Apparently it just can’t keep it together through torrential downpours. This is fine as 90% of my Facebook messages throughout this space in time either failed to send or simply disappears.

The others were misinterpreted.


Thankfully on the way home the wallet was found. It took crying, pleading, and threatening but it returned.

The rest of the ride home was relatively uneventful though the communication hasn’t gotten any better.

Today however marks the last day of this round of retrograde and though we will continue living in it’s shadow for a few days to come, the worst of it is over and we can rest well...until the next, June 26-July 20. Enjoy!