Moon Day Musings: Monday March 21 2016 Spring Equinox

  Go ahead, breathe a deep sign, a long letting go of waiting for Life to sing in colors again, Aaaah . . . letting out our waiting for the danger point to pass. Now we know we’re going to make it! On this day Earth is in balance between dark and light. With luck, the way forward has roots tough enough to make it through to leaf and bloom and fruit this year.

What if . . . ? Do you have the will for spring if ice and snow won’t let up, if climate extremes bring your tower of expectations tumbling down? We are all challenged now to find balance between dark and light, to find a way for Life to win no matter what.

Rebirth magic: Take an egg, dye it red, deepen the color with your womb blood (or energy of your wise crone blood). Go out on the land; ask nature spirit to take your sweet sacrifice and turn it into a medicine blissing for all lands, all peoples everywhere. Bury the egg as a seed of Hope.

~Miriam Dyak, We’Moon


Palettal Prose: Special Thanks To…

Palettal Prose: Special Thanks To…

Here’s another: All of us humans have myriad other species to thank. Without them, we couldn’t exist. It’s that simple, and we can’t afford to ignore them, any more than I can afford to neglect my precious wife—nor the sweet mother Earth that births and hold us all.

Without us, Earth will abide and endure; without her, however, we could not even be.

~Alan Weisman, The World Without Us


Scrutinizing Script: The Tenth Insight

Following the search for the first Nine Insights of The Celestine dbe88f7b6dc95f7db62def48fa1311a7Prophecies, there are whispers regarding a possible Tenth Insight. Charlene has gone missing. First character protagonist, John Woodson, has found it difficult maintaining the teachings of the manuscript since his return home but upon hearing of his friend’s disappearance, has flashes of insight and images of her. She’s gone in search of the Tenth Insight.

His search finds him in an Appalachian Mountains National Forest, which has been overrun by pilgrims, in search of the missing insight. He immediately meets David Lone Eagle, whose ancestors have always inhabited this land and have ancient wisdom on the topic, “The Tenth Insight is about understanding this whole awareness – the perception of mysterious coincidences, the growing spiritual consciousness on Earth, the Ninth Insight disappearances – all from the higher perspective of the other dimensions, so that we can understand why this transformation is happening and participate more fully.”

Autumn Mountain Sunrise

Autumn Mountain Sunrise

David mentions a strange hum in the woods that has him concerned and points John in the direction of an obscure part of the forest unknown to most visitors. He tells John to maintain his intuition. Observing the animals of the forest for signs, John quickly surmises things aren’t as they seem. There’s much secrecy throughout the woods, with Rangers escorting people out of certain areas and rumours of strange experiments.

This story touches on inter-dimensional travel and soul groups who give us energy in this incarnation, that we may remember our reason for coming to Earth. It also looks at the damage humans can do to when we play with things we shouldn’t. If you found The Celestine Prophesy far-fetched or bizarre, you may not like this one but I personally did.