Palettal Prose: Love is Power

The first step toward bridging the chasm of duality is accepting life as it is. When you understand that complete acceptance of yourself will open your heart, increase your power, and thereby offer you the opportunity to be whole, you will no longer view yourself as separate. In the light of your acceptance, duality disappears, and you become fully committed to love which means that you fully love who you are and what you stand for in life.

Remember that love is power.

~Lynn V. Andrews, Love & Power


Scrutinizing Script: Love and Power

Love & Power: Lynn V. Andrews

Power is what drives us. It is what generates the energy we require to propel our lives through the direction Love & Powerand accomplishment of our goals. Love is the creative spark, the divinity inside us and connection to God that gives us the ability to live in the centre of our hearts. It is what keeps us true to ourselves as our goals begin to manifest. Without one, we never reach a desired destination. Without the other, we lack the ‘joie de vivre’ that makes it all worth while.

We are called upon to hold within us the truth that we are all part of a oneness. This oneness is not a static state, but a movement of power through the abyss of chaos and striving into the world of compassion and understanding and love. Without love, in a sense, there is no life. Love can be manifested in many ways. It can be for another person—and what a beautiful, wonderful gift that is—but the most important thing of all is the love of self. The love of self is the most magnificent realization that can be. You are made of love, because God is love, and you are God in the sense that you are a reflection of the creation of all that is.

Andrews has studies Native healing arts and Shamanism more than two decades with the tutelage of several powerful medicine women. In this book, she takes us through the process of recognizing both love and power, and honouring the necessity they hold in our lives. She shares with us the importance of courage to evolve and claim what is ours. To be who we are meant to be and not get caught up in what we are doing. She teaches through personal stories and in a sequencial, easy to grasp manner that is accessable and inspirational. Included in each chapter are reflective questions so grab a journal, a hot cup of tea (or some wine perhaps), and prepare yourself for some honest interaction and revelation.

Palettal Prose: Wild Wisdom is not City Water

Wild Wisdom is not city water. It has not been piped, managed, studied, treated, purified, fluoridated and chlorinated. It does not pour obediently out of your household fixtures. Wild Wisdom does not stop when you turn a knob. It does not travel around the world encased in layers of plastic wrap. It does not end up in the landfill or kill baby albatross.

Wild Wisdom is water you slurp right out of the icy stream melting off the glacier. Wild Wisdom gushes from a mysterious subterranean vein. In it you taste ancient minerals from plant and animal bodies decomposed 9 million years ago. Wild Wisdom flows through the cave where your bushmothers gathered and ate aurochs and painted with their hands and worshipped fecundity, food, survival and spirit.

~Lea Bayles, We’Moon

Wild Water Wisdom

Moon Day Musings: April 13 2015

If the world were merely seductive, that would be easy. If it were merely challenging, that would be no problem. But I arise in the morning torn between a desire to improve the world and a desire to enjoy the world. This makes it hard to plan the day.

~ E.B. White


Palettal Prose: Finding our True Note

The he continued, ‘When the Universe as we each know it emerged, it was whole and complete, harmonious and sounding a resonant note. Each and every thing, every being and species, uttered a sound that harmonized with each other. They formed a song that was more beautiful than we can imagine. But gradually, notes of disharmony crept into the song. There were those within every species, our own included, who became unable to recognize the note they produced. This led to greater and greater unbalance and disharmony, and within the shape of the universe many things came into being then that added to this disharmony. After this everything changed. Even we, who once existed within that great harmony, have heard notes that strike deeply within us and cause great pain. Perhaps it could be said that one of the tasks of our both our species is to find their true note and sound it once again.’

~Reverend Robert Kirk, The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries: From the Private Journals of the Rev. Robert Kirk, 1692

photo by: Mia Boas

photo by: Mia Boas