Palettal Prose: Blanket of Miracles

I stand on a blanket of miracles.                                  skin and spirit,

I drum.

I am strange stuff and dark magic:

broken bones and black feathers,                                I stand on my blanket of

chants, fire, wood and                                                    miracles

so many tears.                                                                   and dance, singing

Tears like drops of moonlight                                       I am

along an evergreen path.                                               the blood of my mothers,

I am soft kisses and slick touch,                                  dangerous knowledge,

heavy and round,                                                              fire and water and 

like my grandmother.                                                     salted bread.

I arch,

reciting fever prayers                                                       I come to this place

to old forest gods,                                                             to remember my beginning.

breathing the rhythm,                                                    I come to this place

and giving birth to the world                                        to honor my end.

Then I curl up

This is no spell.                                                                on my blanket of miracles,

I am deep memories and                                                exhausted,

lies long forgiven.                                                            to dream my daughters

With tongue and teeth,                                                  into being.

~Katharine Saunders, from We’Moon

Palettal Prose: The Power of Magic

For Donalda during her 30th birthday week, thanks for the magic xo

It is within your power

photo by Emily Grey

photo by Emily Grey

to make your life more magical. Let yourself think magically. Symbolically. Metaphoricaly. Loosen up and let the boundaries between mundane and magical living become thinner. Invite yourself to see like an artist, to think like a poet.
Inner Outer Child Magic

Inner Outer Child Magic

This is not about making stuff up and disconnecting from reality. It’s about expansiveness, cultivating an openness to discover the magic and synchronicity that’s already here. The more you are open to magic, the more magic happens. The more such things happen, the more magical life becomes. Ritual opens doorways. Create your own simple rituals of healing and reconnection. Meaningful rituals speak to the child-self within us as well as to our ancient souls, and these ritual experiences reverberate into our daily lives. Magic changes everything.

~Robin Rose Bennett, from We’Moon