Palettal Prose: Special Thanks To…

Palettal Prose: Special Thanks To…

Here’s another: All of us humans have myriad other species to thank. Without them, we couldn’t exist. It’s that simple, and we can’t afford to ignore them, any more than I can afford to neglect my precious wife—nor the sweet mother Earth that births and hold us all.

Without us, Earth will abide and endure; without her, however, we could not even be.

~Alan Weisman, The World Without Us


Palettal Prose: The Phoenix Chronicles

The Earth rumbled beneath the surface of the land.

It rumbled with the strained contractions of the Earth Mother’s new labor.

And the crowning of the newborn

Phoenix rent the loins of the suffering Earth Mother.

Wide red eyes searched the breadth of the skies.

They searched the length of the lands:

Silently they kept watch.

And the newborn cocked his iridescent head.

He cocked his head and listened,

to wretched cried of humanity.

The newborn heaved great breaths

that gathered unto itself incredible strength and power.

And the fledgling craned his downy neck as he unfolded and

flexed the mighty wings of change.

The fledgling spoke.

Its chilling wail echoed and eerie omen over all the land.

And the youngling kneaded its mighty talons deep into the soft

yielding breast of its Earth Mother.

The young bird craned forward into a low crouch

and prepared to leave its torn birth land.

And with its massive wing span,

the Phoenix lifted himself high into the air,

soaring higher and higher

he lifted the veil of ignorance

and brought freedom to the oppressed,

truth to all humanity.

And the shadow of the resurrected

Phoenix silently glided over all the land

as a sign of man’s new age of peace-

peace in a universal brotherhood,

peace with the Earth Mother

and peace with God.

-Author Unknown