Scrutinizing Script: The Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

The Complete Guide to Yin YogaThe Complete Guide to Yin Yoga

by Bernie Clark

This reading offers a great overview of the practice of Yin Yoga. It’s comprehensive and very accessible. By the time you make your way through, you’ll have a working understanding of the practice and be able to lead yourself through a session.

Topics covered include:

  • Yin Yoga definition and explanation of how it differs from other yoga
  • How to practice Yin including intention setting and energetic movement
  • An overview of Yin asana (postures)
  • Yoga sequences designed for specific regions of the body, including beginner flows
  • An overview of special situations including common injury and pregnancy
  • The physical benefits of Yin Yoga
  • The energetic Benefits of Yin Yoga from a Yogic, Daoist, and Western view
  • The heart & mind benefits


Introducing Scrutinizing Script

For 2015, I’ve decided to release a monthly book review of sorts. I want to share my many favourites with you. I’m only including the best (in my not so humble opinion) and hope to inspire you to grab at least one as the year progresses. Books will be spirit/growth based in some way, either novels or non-fiction.

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