Palettal Prose: Little Bird Insurgence

With a dishevelled ruffle and a backwards smile, she roused at the cognisance of her wings. Wasted seasons, manacled to the manipulative malcontent dictating her sensory self. At last muted by the primordial meditation of ancestors’ imprints. With a docile stirring she unleashed herself – psychically primed to transmutate the psyche. She knew – recalled here, in her stillest memory – her place in space.

A shrill insurgence of the keenest heart commanded her not-so-elusive shake off. Gasping a thunderous roar, intuitively she knew she was of this world – meant to sail poised above it – but naught again be ensnared by it.

Crone’s currents spewing secrets, so the little bird pledged a worldly immersion; submission to the splendors of creation and its cyclical intercepting inceptions.

Inclined to clear herself of the pebbled precipice and its associating ascending chance, she whistled herself off, strewn about the channelling chants of the northern gale.

~Sky Eyes

Little Bird Wants to Fly

Palettal Prose: Abduction

She woke with a start, remembering she’d missed an appointment that day for a potential home. The middle of the night now, she glanced over, knew he wouldn’t wake, and decided to go for a quick peak; it was after all, just around the corner.

The house was vacant and large. Remnants of musty antiques collected and sold by the previous occupant, sat there abandoned. The collection sat in unorganized piles littering the space; perhaps a possible treasure or two, but to the untrained eye, it was junk. Treasure or trash, overwhelming piles, waiting to be claimed.

As she crept up the stairs, she questioned for the first time, the reasoning of going here this night and decided to return for a brighter time.

It was then that she grew aware of her head to toe nakedness. The entire town blackened as the lights on the street went blank and she became unsure of the right way home. Gravity failed with each step as her feet refused to touch down, only able to brush toes to the dirt in desperation. Each floating step took her further from the ground as she stopped moving forward, only up. Fighting to dig her heels to the earth and return to her love, she had no success. She felt herself being drug to the sky and despite tedious effort, she could not help but glide away.

Though vulnerable in her bare skin, she was not afraid, only determined to get home. Then suddenly, as quickly as it had begun, she reached out to find him beside her once again. Sitting up and wide awake, her only thought was, “I suppose that’s what an abduction feels like.” and she hopped they’d at least cured her infection.  Sure enough, the next morning, it was gone.

~Sky Eyes

Will We Find Extraterrestrial Life?