Palettal Prose: Calling Wild

     I call to the North, to the

darkness that corrupts and

buries, poisoning the daylight.

    I call to the South, to the 

fires that lick and burn, guitless

and harsh.

I call to the East, to madness

that masquerades as truth

without apology.

     I call to the West, to storms

that torment and roil, ravaging

everything in their path.

Come close, bear witness

As I dig deep in the mud and

Press it softly to my skin.

I am the darkness

I am utter failure.

I am unredeemed loss.

I am forgetting and forgotten.

I am unbearable weakness.

I am the fire.

I am dark passion.

I am biter and angry.

I am mistake made over

and over without regret.

I am unsatiated desire.

I am great hungering flesh.

I am the madness.

I am babbling and confused.

I refuse to follow.

I do not know the way

and will not ask.

I imagine things

that cannot be seen,

and believe in things

I cannot prove.

I am the storm.

I am always,



I am rough.

I am fierce.

I refuse to keep to small.

I am messy and wicked and

I am big, soft, round,

unrepentant flesh.

Come to me, sisters.

I am foul-tempered,



and rude.

Come together

there’s trouble to brew.

~Katharine Saunders, We’Moon

Palettal Prose: Wild Wisdom is not City Water

Wild Wisdom is not city water. It has not been piped, managed, studied, treated, purified, fluoridated and chlorinated. It does not pour obediently out of your household fixtures. Wild Wisdom does not stop when you turn a knob. It does not travel around the world encased in layers of plastic wrap. It does not end up in the landfill or kill baby albatross.

Wild Wisdom is water you slurp right out of the icy stream melting off the glacier. Wild Wisdom gushes from a mysterious subterranean vein. In it you taste ancient minerals from plant and animal bodies decomposed 9 million years ago. Wild Wisdom flows through the cave where your bushmothers gathered and ate aurochs and painted with their hands and worshipped fecundity, food, survival and spirit.

~Lea Bayles, We’Moon

Wild Water Wisdom