Manifesting in Royal Vibrations

Typical Leo prances into the spotlight today with both the sun and moon playing in this magnificent sign. Today’s New Moon provides the perfect opportunity to get to the heart of the action. Transmuting directly to the Lion-esk core, let your inner light shine bright. Step into the spotlight and bask in the time spent here. As the king of the jungle, lions are known for their boisterous personalities so if you have a habit of hiding in the shadows, now’s your chance to push your boundaries and transform your quiet purrr to a deafening roar. As much as Lions love to be the center of it all don’t forget to offer your love to your lovelies today because Lions have an insatiable generosity. They love big with their hearts pinned to their sleeve for all to admire and enjoy.

New Moon

New Moon’s are ideal for manifesting and with the royal cat’s energy nuzzling us forward,, today’s positive vibrations can carry us through the rest of the month. Take a moment today to sit in silence and think about what you want. If you can, go outside. Be specific and keep it simple. Now imagine what it would feel like to have this thing. Close your eyes and visualize yourself in that place. How do you feel? What are you doing? How is your life different? Once you’ve had a chance to sit with this feeling and become familiar with it, write on a piece of paper what it is you wish to manifest, then go outside under the dark new moon (if you’re not there already:), find a space that resonates with you, and burry the paper in the ground. With this as the moon waxes through the month, your wish will grow with it.