Summer Sun and Solstice Fun

Today, with summer solstice, people everywhere are celebrating light. On this day, light completely overtakes the darkness in the sky, making it just that little bit easier to shed some of the darkness from our physical lives as well.

Wild Chive Flower
The longest day of the year is always anticipated, particularly for those in the Northern Hemisphere and with it, summer has officially started. In my little valley, it seems as though Father Sun got the message as he pushed away the consuming rain filled clouds that have dominated the sky for the last week. Enjoying his last day in Gemini, he takes his rightful place in center stage, we couldn’t be more delighted.

Mica Dip

Traditionally the sun associated with the divine masculine. It represents heat, of course, but also power, initiative, light, fire, drive, and passions. Where women shift with the moon through a 28 day cycle, men cycle with the sun, in it’s 24 hour cycle. They go through their motivation, reflection, passion, exhaustion, excitement, and moodiness each and every day. Like the sun, this cycle can be looked upon as strong and fiery. Today, in particular is a power day for men with their master, the sun, casting its light on us for 18 hours in central British Columbia.

Tree Worship

Along with this is the second super moon of three just around the corner, so women are also shifting into a time of power and introspection. Timed with the arrival of summer, we can collectively appreciate the benefits of these astrological gifts. 

Today is a great day to honour the sun and earth alike. The easiest way to do this is a series of sun salutations before the sun goes down. Don’t have time to do yoga before sunset? Then try moon salutations at that point!

Do tree pose for a tree, dip your feet in a creek, go swimming. Commune with your friends and family, taking in the bounty of the season.
Essentially, go outside because we’ve waited months for this day and really, we’ve earned it!