Palettal Prose: Hello Moonlight

Hello moonlightmaxresdefault

this poem

is a leak

from my heart


the existence of my love4498a689214b3790a97b3a1210817382

as the blood continues

pumping a message

through my veins to voice it out

hello I’m in love with you

it’s a beautiful story8c60c8f6b350cbb5420b23e42a13affc-d90r1p8

it’s my poetry speaking

I’m voicing it out to you

light is illuminating

that dark side

into disintegrationeb002e5e9f9311f84ca1c416da626ef2

hello I’m in love

inspiration heart

that what you are

unconditional love

is the seed you planted in me


in a beautiful night

guides me back home

~Don Jose Ruiz

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