Palettal Prose: River of Positivity

Return to positivity

with gratitude to negativity

for letting us know what to change

for letting us know what we don’t want

for reflecting how we are eating our own poison

Lady awareness

thank you for introducing me

to the story teller that tells me my story

to put my attention to what the river took away

I will let life be thy witness

like an out-of-body experience

but not like in sleeping dream

but in awakened state of lucid dream

letting the waterfall flow

in what force she feels like

she free and we feel her within us

life throws us into the river to swim in her

looking into our honest eyes

smokey mirror is getting cleared

the spirit can be felt in everything

especially in the space between words

so let us close our eyes

and dream and beautiful

and then open them

and look what the river

is bringing today

~Don Jose Ruiz


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