Scrutinizing Script: Love and Power

Love & Power: Lynn V. Andrews

Power is what drives us. It is what generates the energy we require to propel our lives through the direction Love & Powerand accomplishment of our goals. Love is the creative spark, the divinity inside us and connection to God that gives us the ability to live in the centre of our hearts. It is what keeps us true to ourselves as our goals begin to manifest. Without one, we never reach a desired destination. Without the other, we lack the ‘joie de vivre’ that makes it all worth while.

We are called upon to hold within us the truth that we are all part of a oneness. This oneness is not a static state, but a movement of power through the abyss of chaos and striving into the world of compassion and understanding and love. Without love, in a sense, there is no life. Love can be manifested in many ways. It can be for another person—and what a beautiful, wonderful gift that is—but the most important thing of all is the love of self. The love of self is the most magnificent realization that can be. You are made of love, because God is love, and you are God in the sense that you are a reflection of the creation of all that is.

Andrews has studies Native healing arts and Shamanism more than two decades with the tutelage of several powerful medicine women. In this book, she takes us through the process of recognizing both love and power, and honouring the necessity they hold in our lives. She shares with us the importance of courage to evolve and claim what is ours. To be who we are meant to be and not get caught up in what we are doing. She teaches through personal stories and in a sequencial, easy to grasp manner that is accessable and inspirational. Included in each chapter are reflective questions so grab a journal, a hot cup of tea (or some wine perhaps), and prepare yourself for some honest interaction and revelation.

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