Palettal Prose: Finding our True Note

The he continued, ‘When the Universe as we each know it emerged, it was whole and complete, harmonious and sounding a resonant note. Each and every thing, every being and species, uttered a sound that harmonized with each other. They formed a song that was more beautiful than we can imagine. But gradually, notes of disharmony crept into the song. There were those within every species, our own included, who became unable to recognize the note they produced. This led to greater and greater unbalance and disharmony, and within the shape of the universe many things came into being then that added to this disharmony. After this everything changed. Even we, who once existed within that great harmony, have heard notes that strike deeply within us and cause great pain. Perhaps it could be said that one of the tasks of our both our species is to find their true note and sound it once again.’

~Reverend Robert Kirk, The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries: From the Private Journals of the Rev. Robert Kirk, 1692

photo by: Mia Boas

photo by: Mia Boas

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