Moon Day Musings: Monday March 30 2015

I believe in the strength of a song and in the scream of a poem. I like a strong handshake and a commitment for life. I regret the lack of words and the absence of a smile. I laugh at children’s mischief and sensationalist news. I travel miles for a good friend or a beach. I hate hypocrisy and plots. I practice acceptance instead of revolt. I appreciate a good wine and a big fireplace. I love challenges and changes. I seek passion in everything I get involved with and in everything that gets involved with me. I like to choose, and I smile when I’m chosen. I love life in the dimension it allows me to and I seek to understand when I should stop or keep going. This is me. And if I laugh about who I am, it’s not because I feel ridiculous. It’s only because I know that when I do it, I allow myself to move forward a little more in this great adventure of mine of learning to live without fear in a world of fears.

~Jose Micard Teixeira


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