Palettal Prose: Faery Time and Place

Since I have visited the Lands Beneath I have learned to distrust the measurement of moment upon moment that we call time. I was told when I first entered the Faery howe that I could spend as much time in the Subterranean realm as I wished and yet return home with only the briefest of moments having passed, and this I have found to be true. Just how this is possible I cannot fathom, though I believe it may be something to do with the nature of the place, perhaps with its very substance. I realize for certain that in the Lands Beneath there really is no time — or at least not as it is understood by us mortals. Though I am aware of the passing of moment upon moment within myself, yet all around me there is both a stillness and a sense of fluidity that are not like this world of ours. I have even begun to suppose that everything I have seen became real because I observed it; rather that the Faery world exists in a state of constant potentiality, of becoming, so that objects, shapes, even worlds, appear because they are willed into being.

~Reverend Robert Kirk, The Secret Lives of Elves and Faeries: From the Private Journals of the Rev. Robert Kirk, 1692

photo by: Kaduflyer Dnyvnr

photo by: Kaduflyer Dnyvnr

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