Scrutinizing Script: The Four Agreements

Written by Don Miguel Ruiz, The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom is one of those books everyone should read. Trained in the Toltec tradition, Ruiz is a respected Medicine Man of the same lineage as Carlos Casteneda, one of the first people to write about Shamanism from a Western perspective. Unlike Castaneda however, Ruiz has done a great job of making the tradition accessible to everyone. It doesn’t matter if you have a spiritual practice or not, believe in God or not, are much of a reader or not, the wisdom is applicable to all.

The Four AgreementsI personally resonate with this book on a pretty large scale. It’s so simple and yet most of us miss the point until he reveals them to us. He explains how we are born with a clean slate and as we grow, we develop stories and ideas about ourselves and our environments, that we use to survive until essentially, our imagination has run away with us and we are trapped in a self-created hell.

Everyone talks about freedom. All around the world different people, different races, different countries are fighting for freedom. But what is freedom? In America we speak of living in a free country. But are we really free? Are we free to be who we really are? The answer is no, we are not free. True freedom has to do with the human spirit — it is the freedom to be who we really are.

He takes us through the four steps to freeing ourselves from this hell. There are no major lifestyle changes, no crazy yoga or meditations, just a shift in awareness and perspective. Ruiz is direct and to the point in an easy to read and enjoyable fashion. I really believe everyone should pick up this book.

If you feel inspired to check out this book, I encourage you to follow the link at the top of the text. It will take you to my affiliate store. 

I honour you, Jenn

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