Palettal Prose: Hope

…is what brought you here                            with a rare stamp on it

why you stay, why you love                            from someone you never expected

why you plant seeds                                         to hear from again

hope never turns away                                    hope leads over the fence

even if you do                                                     to find you

it flows like a waterfall                                   hope knows your quirks

or rises like a geyser                                        it has translated your life already

just when you need it to                                  into three languages

hope is a flavor for                                           body mind spirit

your morning cereal                                        hope lifts us, cradles us

and to stir your coffee                                      it springs from our forehead

it’s your vitamin and                                        and out our fingertips

benediction                                                        and moves up our spine

it’s the garment you wear                               and laughs out loud

sun shining through leaves                          hope writes poems

dolphins alive despite the oil                        and makes salads

despite human greed                                       and laces the iced coffee

hope retypes the novel                                    with cinnamon

fixes the leaky pipe                                          hope never says goodbye

raises our children                                           but always stays near you

better than we do                                             closer than a shadow

it is in the mailbox                                          singing in the shower

hidden behind bills                                         strewing rose petals in your path

~Katya Sabaroff Taylor, from We’Moon


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