Palettal Prose: Christopher Edwards- Astrology I


open your eyes
spirit child
open your eyes
cold war begins

open the sky
spill out
spirit child
bad moon rising
the eye of the wolf
kill kill kill


oh the land of the free
my melting blue heart
the flowers of time
blowing in the wind

creatures of lust
blood vomit shooting star
surrounded by surrender


came home from work
with a briefcase full of money
and a hungry belly

did you hear the news today?
an airplane went down
lost in some remote forest

killer whale costume
a sea of red
a sea of blood


the near bright future
i love you so much
i love you like i love no others
i love you like a thousand dead mothers

in tangerine summer
i have loved you like a sister
i will love you like a brother

the future is ours
ours to create
ours to destroy

~Christopher Edwards

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