Palettal Prose: We Are Water

We Are FreeWe are Water


Safe passage to the motherlands and

Even when they took our bodies our hearts pumped watery blood

And even when they plucked the feathers from our wings

We lived in oceans above their sky

Realms where our wings swam through the psychic passage

They couldn’t find with just their eyes

And when they took our clothes, we spun linen from sea skins

waterserventThe Ocean floor made offerings to the unborn in out midst and

They cloaked us in effortlessness

And when they took our lands

We retraced the lines on our grandmothers’ hands

To barren deserts, we collected grains of sand, one by one,

Carried in baskets we wove the belly of time, carried them home

To recreate the embankment of the sea from sheer memory

Re-Memebering recipes for the elixirs of making life

And when they fed us lies, we digested their false prophesies

Vomited the truth back

Into a porcelain chalice filled with star waterdroplet Magic

And when they poisoned our gardens,

We held seeds between our teeth, got quiet, stood silent,

Dug our way beneath the Earth’s surface to pure springs

Cleansing the soul of every place stained with their disgrace,

We Water transformed without a trace

No matter what the obstacle, We are Water

Our nature can transcend any landscape,Water Magic Angel - Fairies 2

Crest nature can transcend any landscape,

Crest on changes and break free when we are captured,

Find solace in the crevice and take back the ground from every captor

We can transform any place we must take shape

We can transmute any memory, make it a birthplace

We can transcribe the essence and get pregnant with the remnants

We are Water

Turbulent WaveClear, soothing, bloody, putrid, shapeless, formless, fluid, roaming,

Undercover, in caverns growing, weightless, the void, cleansing, breaking

Lovers’ fluids, moon mild white, making ruins, nourish the wounded,

Capture the ruthless, storming rapture, nature’s benefactor

~Venus Zephyr, from We’Moon

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