Palettal Pose: Ascension

The wind is blowing

from a new center;

its breath, spiced and golden,

stirs the sistrum trees

to sound their invocations.

A grave and radiant presence,

unknown in this, or any other world,

in now arising.

She is green and gold and scarlet,

she is russet and rose,

cinnabar and aquamarine,

she is black and comely.

Her hue, verdant body is fragrant,

birds alight

in the labyrinth of her hair;

in one hand is flame,

in the other, a vessel

scored with lightning cracks.

She is mountain and throne,

singing music heard only by the third ear.

All the leaves drink her,

the sky draws near.

She has come to offer us

our lives.

~Sherri Rose-Walker, We’Moon

photo by: John Edwards

photo by: John Edwards

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