Palettal Prose: Imagine When the Wind Comes

Imagine, When the Wind Comes, Falling into the Arms of the Great Mother

blowing in the wind
Imagine the wind

ripping you from the pier

to which you’d lashed yourself

and in the arcing out

and then the terrifying drop you are embraced


Great arms catch you

great surety secures you

held without crushing,

fast without sticking,

whole without illusion

found more clearly

than ever you had believed yourself lost

Imagine, behold!

wind taking you

Behold with the eyes the old ones saw with

and the priestesses by the wells of Her love


and every singer, every poet,

every midwife, every charioteer

pounding through the gates and across the finish line,

exulting, knowing

where the beginning and the ending are

and that unspeakably and bright they are the same

This is what holds you

this is that which catches you

sets your heart beating

and frees you when your time in the cage

of your bones is done


and welcomes you home again

and again

Here is where She lives!

Let go, lift up, pour forth!

For you are, dearly and without exception,


-Jody A. Shapiro, 2007

If you’d like to share a short story or poem I’d love to hear from you!

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