Palettal Prose: Sacred Stones

I am Shaman,

witch of old, healer

My dwelling is clean

to hold my intentions clear

I dance to fling off

the dead wood

I dance to raise the earth fire

ecstatic spin

through every cell

I crawl through tunnels

of the underworld

to find the sacred stones

gems of truth

holding steadfast

in the bones of Earth

I put them in my pouch

hang them over my heart

And when I sing to them

they open

to flood me with their Light

And when I sing to them

they love me

and guide me

through the night

-Anny Eastwood, 2001

Sacred Stones


If you’d like to submit a story or poem for ‘Palettal Prose’ I’d love to hear from you!

3 thoughts on “Palettal Prose: Sacred Stones

  1. There is a difference between scientific truth and a religious truth. A scientific truth can be borrowed. A scientific truth, once known, becomes everybody else’s property. You need not work. If you are ready to understand and put your mind to it. in just a few hours you will understand. But the same is not true about religious truth. Buddha discovered, Christ discovered. Their discovery cannot become your discovery. It can never become public property you will have to discover it again

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